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moneyWe discuss one topic and one topic only at Instantly Cheaper.  We talk about finance, but specifically about making currency efficient.  What this means is that we want to teach everyone how to use the money they already have in order to obtain more money, because securing your future in relation to money is important. We all hope to retire, and to do that, you must understand your relationship to money.  You must know how to earn it and how to invest it.  Knowing how to use your money in order to get more money is crucial in today’s world as business opportunities abound.

So we will stock about purchasing stocks.  You must know which ones are viable, understand how to look at it’s past performance and predict it’s future movement.  We will talk about purchasing C.D.’s and bonds in order to obtain a safe investment that can cancel out loss related to inflation.  We will teach you about annuities and retirement investments such as 401(k)’s and Roth RIA’s.  There is a lot to know.  We will even teach the very basics of savings and checkings.  We will show you how to balance a check book.  We will teach you about a debit card.  We will help you understand the envelope system and more.  We’ll help you save money without having to earn more with an additional job while you walk around the office looking like a boss in your breakaway lanyards and fancy pocket protectors!

There is much to learn and understand.  Before we get started, let me show you some sites just to get you thinking in the correct manner.  Learning how to invest properly is like learning how to find gold just by turning over rocks.  It’s all about letting your money work for you!  Make money make money, if you understand what I mean.  This is how you become a wealthy individual.  Don’t go taking out an Atlanta title pawn when you can own Atlanta itself!  Become the CEO of some amazing company, rather than the nighttime employee!  Don’t just be a counselor when you can own the whole counseling business!  Definitely don’t get caught up to the point where you have to start seeing credit repair companies.  But to get there it takes a earning a solid salary or starting a quality business that provides quality to it’s customers and therefore collects good money.  Start there, and doing that correctly requires you to learn about everything we have to say here on this website.  Don’t sit around and read the yoga sutras of patanjali, pick up an investment book and let’s get started!

So read up on all of the upcoming posts linked below and continue to educate yourself until you are ready to get out there and begin putting your money to work.  Keep checking back regularly for recent articles.